Welcome to Your New Website

Welcome Jason! This is just the starter template of your new website, you can log into your admin area to customise this site as you wish. Your admin login details will be in your welcome email from us. To help you get started, there is a GoMedia Support module in your admin dashboard that links to various resources and tutorials that will help you get familiar with your website.

Once you get settled there are plenty of options in your dashboard, including the ability to choose from the list of pre-installed designer themes, or download and install the limitless themes available around the internet. You can also activate and install a multitude of plugins to extend your website even further.

This is just an example of a post, you could edit this in anyway you like or just remove it and create your own post. You can create as many posts as you like on your website which is just as simple as selecting Posts > Add New from within your WordPress Dashboard. Be sure to also change the category names under Posts > Categories.

More importantly though, enjoy your new website!!

The Team at GoMedia